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Theory of Constraint

During the TOC implementations, TOC consultant comes across requirements for gaining the up to date information about the flow of material, products, orders, tasks and so on. Even if your clients have well known ERPs implemented, you seldom do not get the TOC reports that can be used to take decisions. S CUBE can help you with this kind of issues while your TOC implementation.

Salient features of the applications –

- Plug and play, can be configured in minutes.

- Can be made available on the cloud, or on premise.

- Web application, can be accessed using any browser.

- Mobile enabled – the application can be accessed on any device.

We offer solutions for logistics. A list of our solutions is as below –

- Make to Order – MTO.

- Make to Availability – MTA.

- Purchasing to Order – PTO.

- Purchasing to Availability – PTA.

- Distribution to Availability – DTA.

- Critical Chain Project Management – CCPM.